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Q: What is
A: I started to cater more to my personal style of play, my knowledge and expertise in my top sport of NHL, and to join with Sanaynay for seasonal fantasy football content. I will be focusing more on NHL content writing articles and doing breakdowns of games and why I like each play. The main focus of this site will be to work with you all to make concise and educated plays and to answer any and all questions you may have. 

Q: What can we expect from Gameflows content wise?
A: In terms of NHL, starting this will allow me to focus on any and all content. I will be putting out breakdown articles 3-4 days a week, recap articles from losses, and we will be offering all seasonal fantasy content and NFL DFS articles for free for the rest of this season. Sanaynay and I will be looking to do weekly podcasts in the near future with guests as well. 

Q: What will your availability be?
A: Educating everyone on the importance of building a bankroll and using this information to the best of your advantage will be the main focus. We are not looking to be an entertainment website. We are looking to be educational.  Availability during the day will vary by day for chat. Once the 6pm time frame hits I will be doing the pre-lock breakdowns in chat for all questions you may have regarding posted plays or my insight on other games you are interested in. After the breakdowns we’ll take a short break and begin sweating the heavy slate nights with you all. We will be back to having an NHL only chat to enjoy. Make sure you join discord. 

Q: What is your process for choosing units and what does “MAX” mean?
A: There’s no true rule of what “unit betting” is. There is no true rule of  taking 100 units and making 1% of your bankroll is 1 unit. We need to be realistic with ourselves and ask if any of you are keeping true to that. I would estimate that 99% of you are not. So where does that leave us? The way I play each week depends on my situation and that is most important. What you use for this information should be your excess allocations and nothing that would risk anything to yourself or those you care about. Having a losing week or losing month is INEVITABLE and why I stress the importance of being here from the start of the season until the end and you need to expect to refuel at times. You also need to be smart in taking out. Everything that is done should be within your means to where when you have a losing night the only sleep you should be losing is over a bad beat, not your livelihood. When I play I give myself about 20 units to keep in my bankroll. My MAX unit is the most I am comfortable putting on one play without being burdened by a loss which is 2-3X my standard play. A 3 unit MAX is that max amount I am comfortable multiplying my standard unit by. If I am a $1000 bettor for example, the MAX I would be comfortable with would be between 2 and 3x that based on my situation that week. Each individual here needs to be responsible and smart for their own wellbeing.  All I can do is give you my best recommendations on analysis.

Understanding the plays:

Q: When do plays get posted?
A: Plays come out between 5 and 6 pm if not earlier. I personally do not jump the gun on a line unless I anticipate a total jumping to a new number. I find the best outcomes are waiting until the 5-6pm time frame when starting goalies are confirmed.

Q: I don’t have Team Total of X. Should I play X.5?
A: Yes, if you do not have the alt line, play the regular line for less. I usually only play alt lines on games I would play the pre-game line as well. When playing, for example, 3 you would play 3.5.

Q: I don’t have Team Total of X.5 (2.5/3.5) . Should I play X (3, 4)?
A. This is an entirely different situation. When your extra total brings you to a flat or whole number, you can still play our units the same. For us to cash a 2.5 or 3.5 total we would need 3 or 4 goals to win. If we win, you at least push at worst. If we lose then everyone loses. You must make sure all lines include overtime (OT)/Shootout.

Q: I don’t have Game Total of X.5 (5.5/6.5) . Should I play X (6/7)?
A. If you bet 5.5, you need 6 goals to win. If we win, you at least push at worst. If we lose then everyone loses. You must make sure all lines INCLUDE OT/Shootout. When playing a game total that is higher on a FLAT NUMBER (6, 7, 8), you can continue to make the play for the same amount.

Q: I don’t have Game Total of X. Should I play X.5?
A. Unlike the team total this is a different situation. When posting a total of 6, and you only have 6.5, it is a much different play for me. Betting the extra hook on a game total will depend on the situation so feel free to ask.

Q: What is a round robin?
A. A round robin is a type of play offered by your book that parlays 3+ plays into smaller combinations. In a 3 team parlay, you can round robin them into 3 two team parlays.  

Q: What is your strategy behind round robins:
A. I will only do 4 team round robins. I parlay them in combinations of three (4×3) and one parlay of four (1×4). I strategize by picking my two favorite heavier juiced favorites and pairing them with low juice overs or ML’s. I do half unit parlays to risk a total of 2.5 units. My logic is that instead of listing each 4 individual plays for 1 unit or less based on price and my confidence in them, I would prefer to round robin them together. If I am correct, we sweep all 4. One wrong usually gets our original risk back, and if we lose 2+, we mitigate risk of only 2.5 units instead of the full amount of playing all four straight.

Q: Ghost, is this correct for a round robin?
A: When selecting your round robin options you want 4 parlays of 3 teams and 1 parlay of 4 teams. I do not play the “yankee” and I do not parlay by 2’s. If you do not have “round robin” as an option, then you can manually parlay the teams as such:

Parlay 1                 Parlay 2                Parlay 3                 Parlay 4             Parlay 5

Team A                  Team B                Team A                  Team A                  Team A

Team B                  Team C                Team B                  Team C                 Team B                

Team C                  Team D                Team D                 Team D                  Team C                 

                                                                                                                       Team D

Q: Ghost, is this correct for my book:
A: Here are the options you will fill in depending by your book. In each of these sections you will input what the unit size of the play is. If I post .5 unit Round Robin you put HALF a unit in these sections. Your TOTAL RISK will equate to 2.5 units (5 total parlays).

Draftkings: Find “Round Robins at the bottom of your bet slip. Then enter the size of the unit play in the following categories:”
4 Pick Parlay
3 Pick Round Robin

Single Parlay
Round Robins w/ 3’s

Bets By 3’s
1 Bet Legs

Q: Ghost, do you like Over 6 -120, or Over 5.5 -160 more?
A: I will always rather play the lower total with higher juice up to -200. 

Q: Ghost, what does “range” mean on your live plays?
A: Most books have a difference in lines of 30+ cents. If I post a line of -170 range it means I am either at that line, someone already has a better line, or I am anticipating getting that line shortly. Range means if you are within 30 cents of that line you can either hit it now or wait to get that exact line or better. 

Q: Ghost, where do you play NHL?
A: I post my lines based on MGM. I personally play on Barstool. These two books are very beneficial for alternate lines.

Q: Ghost, my Fanduel team total is a lot better of a price, should I hammer it?
A: For there to be a significant difference in line you should always check every parameter of the betting terms. For example, fanduel team totals are REGULATION only. We do not play this on a team total or game total on EVEN numbers.

Q: Ghost, I have regulation only, is that okay?
A. No. Overtime and Shootout time are crucial to your bet. Playing a regulation line limits you to only the first 60 minutes of the game. In an instance of a game total of 5.5, 7.5, 9.5 etc. a game can not cash an even total in overtime. If you bet 5.5, you need 6 goals to win. Overtime can only happen in games tied 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, etc. If a game ends 60 minutesat 2-2 then you lose. You cannot score two goals in overtime to cash 5.5. In a tied score of 3-3, you already have 6 goals and win not needing overtime. In these cases, overtime does not play a factor in a 5.5 game total. However, if you have an over of 5, 6, or 7, a 2-2 game in overtime will allow you to push the 5 making having overtime important, with the same being for 3-3 in a game total of 7. A team has to score in overtime, or get a team goal for a shootout win. You go from a loss to a push when the game ends 3-2. For a total of 6, if you get a 3-3 tie at the end of regulation, you are guaranteed a 7th goal in overtime to cash your bet. In that same instance, you would push a game over of 7. Overtime and Shootout included in your play is crucial to the way I approach my plays.

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