Hey Everyone,

What a monster start to MLB yesterday, 35 units in total. Which is why the headline is what it is. I’m able to see the article clicks and notice that clicks are surprisingly low at times. I don’t know if you see the plays elsewhere in the betting article, but reading these articles is extremely important. Added plays will always be included in these articles, so please ensure you get all the plays. I worry that some of you missed out on the massive end to the night with Cleveland and Arizona.

North Carolina was the biggest disappointment of the day, blowing a 10-point lead and blowing a three-point lead in the final minutes. Bacot fumbling that dunk was the turning point of that game, leading to an immediate three by ‘Bama.

I will be taking it lightly today, given the massive day yesterday. I don’t see any value in the two early games and don’t want to play to play. We finally turned it around and built a significant bankroll in March, and I don’t want to start throwing it away to have action. Our plays will begin around 7/8pm, and we will prep for tomorrow’s 15-game NHL slate.

As always, if there is any other content you are interested in me providing, please comment below and let me know!

Author: Nightghost

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