March Madness Notes

Hey Everyone,

The first round of the tournament officially begins Thursday at 12:15pm EST. I’d like to have some in house challenges going on and give some prizes away.

To join the bracket challenge click this link here and sign up for free.

I’d really like to get the block pool filled. I have about 20 blocks ready to be filled by family/friends if needed. The blocks work just like the Super Bowl ones except your numbers are good for every final score of the tournament. The payouts increase each round and are as follows:

    1. 1st Round (32 games) 80 per game
    2. 2nd Round (16 games) 100 per game
    3. Sweet 16 Round (8 games) 200 per game
    4. Elite 8 (4 games) 300 per game
    5. Final 4 (2 games) 500 per game
    6. Championship (1 game) 2040 final

I will be working on futures as well as daily plays today and tomorrow for tip off on Thursday. Leave any comments on this article for anything else you would like to have in addition!

Author: Nightghost

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