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NHL Todays Plays

**Favorite Max Plays + Ladders**
8:15pm Seattle/Detroit over 5.5 -165: 5u MAX
8:15pm Seattle/Detroit over 7 +150: 1u
8:15pm Seattle/Detroit over 8 +270: 1u
8:15pm Seattle/Detroit over 9 +550: 1.5u
9:45pm Rangers TT over 3 -125: 5u MAX
9:45pm Rangers TT over 4 +220: 1u

**Other official Sides/Totals**
6:30pm Ducks/Blue Jackets over 6-140: 1.5u
7:30pm Dallas Team Total over 2.5 -190: 2.5u**
8pm Colorado TT over 2.5 -190: 2u**
8pm Colorado ML -135: 3u
9pm Wild ML -115: 2u
9pm Wild TT over 3 -140: 1u
9:15pm Canucks TT over 2.5 -160: 3u
9:45pm Rangers ML -125: 2u

**You can play the line of 3 here to save the juice if you need to save the bankroll for the rest of the plays.

Author: Gameflows

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