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**We have a lot going in play tonight ladies and gents. We are coming off a monster week between NHL and MLB and I love tonight’s games. Here’s what I recomment: Put your 7pm bets in now. If you have to pick and choose some of the games to leave out, leave out the Jets/Wings over first. You can wait to put the 9pm games in until we get closer to game time and have a gauge of where we are on the night from the 7/7:30pm games. You do not need to put them all in now.**

7pm Jets/Wings over 6 -145: 2u
7pm Jets TT over 3 -155: 2.5u
7pm Avs/Penguins over 6 -160: 2u
7pm Avs TT over 3 -175: 2u
7pm CBJ over 3 -145: 3u MAX
7pm CBJ ML -105: 2u
7:30pm Minnesota ML -120: 2u
7:30pm Minnesota TT over 2.5 -190: 3u MAX (play 3 if you need to save the juice)
7:30pm Minnesota TT over 4 +200: 1u
8pm Leafs TT over 2.5 -185: 3u MAX
8pm Leafs ML +100: 2u
9pm CAL/STL over 5.5 -140: 2u
9pm Rangers/Oilers over 5.5 -145: 3u MAX
9pm Rangers TT over 3 -140: 1.5u

7pm Carolina TT over 3.5 -125: 2u
8pm Leafs/Stars over 5.5 -160: 3u
9pm CAL/STL over 7 +180: 1u
9pm CAL/STL over 8 +325: 1u
9pm CAL/STL over 9 +650: 1u

Author: Gameflows

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