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Hey everyone,

I can’t imagine what everyone’s temperament is during these past few weeks but I don’t need to be a part of it to know. There’s no excuse for my performance as of late and the lack of quality you all are receiving in my plays. There’s absolutely no excuse. You all have been with me for years and what’s happened these past few months/this season is inexcusable and out of character. The first step to knowing how to fix a problem is acknowledging and knowing there is one, and the problem right now is I cannot get out of my own head. When my personal stuff happened is when things went downhill and things have not cleared up or gotten better yet and right now the best thing I can do is take a break. When you’re dealing with health and your children it’s very hard to stay as focused and invested as you know you can be, especially every day. This place began as the best community there was and was an escape from all the BS everywhere else, but that hasn’t been the case these past few months. Two seasons ago we profited 200 units on the NHL season, and now I can’t put a winning day together. What frustrates me is last night I can have the correct 5-1 score of the game, but be on the wrong side of it. The series bets were great, but I am not thinking clearly on the day to day and I need to reset. I am going to be taking these next two weeks to take some time away and get focused. For all of you who have been with me on the month to month for these past few years will have your access through the summer. Those of you who have been with me for the yearly will be with me through next NHL season. I don’t want this place to fall apart because of the personal family things I have going on. You all have been the most supportive and caring people and we have NFL coming up with sanayay, fantasy football, and the next 3 rounds of hockey. I do not want to keep letting you all down so taking a break from the day to day is necessary right now. When life hits it hits hard and this is just a temporary struggle right now. We will be back to what we uses to be and making sure we all stick together with it will get us back to where we were. Use this place as a way to communicate and build to become better players. I will have my series plays out later today as well as some plays here and there, but this break is necessary for the overall outcome. I truly thank you all for every ounce of support you’ve provided and it does not go unnoticed or appreciated. I expect this dallas/Colorado series to go the longest and I expect Dallas to win so get you 5.5 total games in and feel free to just pile into specific series plays to recoup these Bruins losses. 5-1 Florida exact score was +2000. It was probably double the other way around. We will get back.

Author: Nightghost

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