Western Conference Round 2 Series Notes & Bets

  Seattle Kraken (WC) vs Dallas Stars (2)

Series Breakdown:

So here we are again. “Ghost, how can we be betting against the Kraken with all your love for them and them knocking off the defending Stanley Cup Champs, the Colorado Avalanche? The same way we are with the Leafs. This Kraken team is a Cinderella story to most, and you’ll see all these brand new Kraken fan posers, but we all know who was on them first from the start. That’s why I am confident in know that the MAIN teams I did NOT want this Kraken team to face were the Avs, and more importantly, the Dallas Stars. I wrote up in the last article that the Kraken’s key to winning the series with the Avs would be a low scoring series, and they got it.

What is lost on this is the fact that the Avs were missing their two biggest pieces with Gabe Landeskog, and whatever the hell is going on with Val Nichushkin. Two integral offensive pieces. Dallas comes in healthy and a return of Joe Pavelski expected as early as tonight. Seattle has struggled with the Stars for two years, and they are going to really struggle with them here. Dallas is going to be a much faster paced team for Seattle, and coming off a 7 game series with the Avs will wear on them tonight, especially being on the road. We will be maxing the Stars total tonight as well as hammering their series. I expect this to be ugly for the Kraken, and they should have nothing to be ashamed of. I was very low on this Colorado team this year coming in, I felt their road to the Cup last year was a joke, and I don’t feel they had the roster or the depth to do anything of significance this year, and they didn’t. Regardless of who won the first round matchup between the Kraken and the Avs, I had them losing to the Stars here. This Dallas team is too deep and too explosive for Seattle to keep up and there is a major edge in net for Dallas with Jake Oettinger than there is with Seattle and what they saw in the first round against Georgiev. I may have been wrong in the first round with Colorado, but I won’t be wrong here. The Stars weakest link is behind the bench in Pete DeBour so as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing, this should be a 4 or 5 game series win for them. 

Official Bets: 

Dallas Stars to win series -188: 5u
Dallas Stars to win series -1.5 games +116: 2u
Edmonton Oilers to win series -152: 5u
Edmonton Oilers to win series 4-3 +490: 1.5u
Edmonton Oilers to win series 4-2 +370: 1.55u

Author: Nightghost

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