MLB Plays 5/3

Good day yesterday hitting the Knicks and Texas ML. Live was a big hit too. Let’s carry it into today.

I’m starting with Toronto and attacking Patrick Corbin. The line is -200, so I will play them on the 1.5 since they’re on the road and are guaranteed the 9th inning. The weather is a factor for me today; it’s cold and windy. Otherwise, I would have considered laddering this total.

I will be reversing the 1.5 line with the Cardinals -1.5.. Reverse bets aren’t offered on the top books so those who can’t play them should always play the plays straight. As I mentioned with the changes, you can make the plays however you prefer, these will be the games I am playing.

I want some action on the 2 pm game so know I am playing this based on Joe Ross’ numbers. I’m splashing the Cubs team total of 3.5 for 1U, but I will be watching and may keep hitting it live if they get to him early.

We’re determined to get back to the winning ways and how things used to be. Let’s make it happen.

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My Plays:

  • 2:20 pm Cubs Team Total over 3.5: 1u
  • 6:45 pm 1u win reverse Toronto -1.5 / Cardinals -1.56:45 toronto team total over 4.5 -140: 3u
    7pm Nashville Team Total over 2.5 -155: 2u
    7:40pm Texas/Kansas City over 8 -155: 3u
    Dallas correct score 4-2 +1900: .25u
    Dallas correct score 5-2 +1900: .25u
    Dallas correct score 5-3 +3300: .25u

Play these all straight if you cannot reverse. 

  • 2:20 pm Cubs Team Total over 3.5: 1u
  • 6:45 pm Toronto Blue Jays -1.5: 1u
  • 8:10 pm St. louis Cardinals -1.5: 1u
Author: Nightghost

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